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Buy INFOSYSTCH with profit booking opportunity

July 12, 2008

INFOSYSTCH @ 1667 as on 11/07/08 gets 1026 panch-tattva points and should be regularly bought and profit booking opportunities should be availed whenever possible.

Hari Om

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INFOSYSTCH @ 1511 (15/04/08)

April 15, 2008

INFOSYSTCH @ 1511 (15/04/08) gets 1001 panch-tattva points and the opportunity to buy it for long term on declines should not be missed. You may build up buying position on days of fall and remain invested.Those who are aggressive may buy some quantity right away.

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INFOSYSTCH @ 1552 as on 8 Feb 08 after four weeks of Q3 results

February 9, 2008

INFOSYSTCH @ 1552 (08/02/08) gets 960 panch-tattva points and may be bought regularly on declines for long term.

Previous Recommendations:

@1976(11/10/07) :971-Enter this scrip on a regular basis.
@1922(12/07/07) :920-Buy in moderation over time for long term.
@2382(10/02/07) :943-Keep out of it.
@2311(03/01/07) :937-Do not buy.

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INFOSYSTCH Stock Timeline

November 5, 2007

INFOSYSTCH @ 1976/- on 11 Oct 2007 gets 971 Panch Tattva points post result and there is no risk in entering in this scrip on a regular basis as it will reward handsomely down the line particularly when it will announce diversification in to other lines of businesses for which the time has come.

INFOSYSTCH @ 1922 on 12 Jul 2007 gets 920 points and may be bought in moderation and better is to buy it for over time instead in one go.

INFOSYSTCH @ 2086/- on 13 Apr 2007 gets 949 points and this does not give very encouraging prospects. The strategy should now be to book profits on surges and going short on substantial surge. For buying, please wait for it to go down below 1900/- and go for it after asking for the then Panch Tattva updated points.

INFOSYSTCH @ 1994/- on 04 Apr 07 gets 932 points and you should be buying it only after the next quarterly result has been assessed. Please note earlier history of recommendations on this scrip:

On 15 Feb 07 @ 2382/- it got 933 points and was advised to keep out of it.
On 11 Jan 07 @ 2187/- it got 943 points and was advised to keep out of it.
On 03 Jan 07 @ 2311/- it got 937 points and was advised not to buy.

Hari Om
krsna Khandelwal

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Market Matrix: NOT for BULLS I

October 29, 2007

By krsna Khandelwal – A veteran market analyst


I am neither a bull nor a bear but somebody who looks at possibilities. Way back in 2000 Infosys was selling 16500/- per share ex-bonus. At that stage the m/cap for the same was 65000 crs and the sales were around 4000 crs per year. I told my friends that how an m/cap of 65k crs can be serviced by a sale of just 4k crs where as the interest on 65k crs at only 10% would work out to 6500 crs. The answer used to be ‘आप नहीं समझते, ग्रोथ भी तो पचास टका हो सकता है सेल्स में’. What happened that the company maintained a growth rate of above 30% on an average through out but the share price is below 16500/- in 2007 (considering one split and two bonuses in ratio of one to one since 2000). This is the magic of selling dreams. The one who sold such dreams in almost all leading IT companies (the well-known K-factor) is himself out of scene notwithstanding the money banks and other institutions lost. Those who have seen the Harshad times do know the logic given by him i.e. the replacement cost theory when ACC was sold for 10000/- a piece. ACC is selling 50% higher than at that time (after bonus and rights are considered) but the man had to suffer a very bad phase in his life and is no more alive. The sufferers included the then FM, the PM now (not for wrongdoing but for failing to contain the damage to Indian economy) and the present FM (for getting his name sullied for none of his fault). The time factor and the price/return mechanism do not spare any body. The simple mathematical equation has to work. 10000/- rupees in 1992 at compounded return of just 12% work out to 60000/- rupees today. Even after the dream run for so many years and India becoming an Asian Tiger, the ACC has just been able to give back 15000/- in terms of value. You may be wondering after all what I have to say in fact. The ones with some understanding of numbers and macro level possible limits would understand what I mean to convey.

The above scenario is being played out under the leadership of LT along with company of a few more scrips. It also has more than 1.25 lac crs of m/cap while the sales are just under 20k crs (not enough to give back nominal return of just 2% on the m/cap in terms of profits). The Planning commission has just given the target of Rs1.50 lac crs investment in infrastructure in 11th plan and if the LT gets the whole work awarded the it can make a profit of just Rs.30 K crs in five years and the m/cap will be expected to be Rs. 3 lac crs . Can you digest the magnitude of expectation from it? The Rome was not built in a day, Gentlemen, please develop your own understanding of numbers and economy, if you want to stay in market as somebody who can make out where the limit has been stretched beyond the wildest imagination. Who are at the back of it is not known yet. But they will have capacity to influence the market only so long as their identity is not known. The day their identity is known the game would be over and who knows who will become answerable and who would bear the brunt. I am happy the public is not being fooled by the rhetoric. The broader market has been immune to the invitation extended by the bull cartel to join. They (the cartel) will not have the capacity to take the entire market on the course of Nifty or Sensex. If they do so, they are sure, the Indian promoter group and the investor group will load them with every piece of paper tradable.

The genius of Indian businessmen is not limited. It can create a business of same type and size for one-fifth the cost. Why would they not accept the largesses so liberally coming their way and hand over their respective companies on decorated platter? The License Raj restriction are not there any more to curb their future effort in creating newer company where there in no unwanted burden to be carried like the employees of little competence and caliber. Where the relocation will be at the right point and where the synergies would be taken care of. I can speak endlessly but need not for there are many who will catch the hint.

Hari Om

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