Panch Tattva Stock Teknik

We give below the important points to remember for the new visitors of our site who venture out to trade on the strength of Panch Tattva Stock Teknik:-

a) The Panch Tattva (five basic elements described in Vedic Theory) points for a stock are computed at market price and indexed taking 1000 points for rightly priced stock. The stock is weaker if it has points under ‘1000′ and is stronger if it has points over ‘1000′. The variation against 1000 level does not always denote the exact proportion in price strength.

b) The points and its resultant attributes are ascribed after careful derivation of certain ratios based on the most recent quarterly results, management strength, industry prospects, political climate, price history, interest rate scene etc. It actually takes care of every aspect affecting the price. This is posted on site in the category of Panch Tattva: Post Result/Update (in between result period) for some popular stocks.

c) The trading strategy given in each case should be followed.

d) Since there are always fresh developments affecting the price, a stop loss mechanism should be followed. You may sell off half the quantity upon slide in price to the extent of 3-5% and sell entire quantity upon 6-10% fall in price. Once out of stock you should not look back at the same stock until fresh point level is given after announcement of next quarterly result. In case some unusual movement is seen in between result period, you should not forget to ask for fresh points level computation and advice. This should be made use of as much as possible.

e) Some stocks would be studied and regularly posted on this column for every body to take advantage of and you may simply track prices to have confidence in the efficacy/efficiency of the system before actually trying your hand out.

f) This system has been empirically tested for over a decade and there are people who have drawn immense benefit out of the advice based on this.

Dear Investors, you may ask for advice in respect of stock(s) of your own choice at a moderate charge of INR 200/- per scrip. You may contact us at or   .

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