Those who follow ‘panch-tattva’ will not get into wrong situations

October 29, 2008


The US markets were up last day by not less than 10 pc. DOW is now back at over 9000 and NASDAQ at 1650. These seem to be very respectable figures. The Asian have a the second day follow up rise today. All markets have become very firm. The Diwali session last day was a rewarding one for those who relied on ‘panch-tattva’. I am lucky to have critics who rubbish what I say but they are people who put me on right course. I am pleased in no small measure about the correctness of my various writings. What may have come to you as surprise, was seen by me as writing on the wall. I pray to you that don’t ever listen to a view which can not be substantiate with numbers,history and logic and most of all it should not defy the theory of proportions.

That there was a calculated move by some is some thing sure and their campaign was responsible for the gyrations in the Indian markets specially. SEBI may cry foul after the horse has bolted but it was simply discernible. If high and mighty are involved, it will just be that all is possible.

The ADRs have been up by more than 20 pc. Sensex and Nifty would create history today, I think so because it happens to be last day of settlement under ‘F and O’ section. Remember the line I gave you yesterday that the markets were wrong at 5500 Nifty in Oct 07 against right level of 4100 and also that markets are wrong at under 3000 while they should between 4100 to 4500.

Now, would you not like to be on the long side of market. Here I may give you a warning that please follow ‘panch-tattva’ recommendations for entry, exit and maintenance. In times when the moves are fast and unpredictable, those who follow ‘panch-tattva’ will not get into wrong situations. I may tell you again that its based on purely scientific study of every aspect governing the stock prices and economy. It has capacity to clearly see the manipulation in market.

Krsna Khandelwal

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