July 13, 2007

By krsna Khandelwal – A veteran market analyst


Please note the following Panch Tattva points after the 1st Quarter result for the period ended 30 Jun 07:

INFOSYSTCH @ 1922 (12/07/07) gets 920 points and may be bought in moderation and better is to buy it for over time instead in one go.

BAJAJAUTO @2194 (12/07/07) gets 770 points and this scrip may be sold off just now and be bought back on correction but only moderately.

UTIBANK @642 (12/07/07) gets 872 points and should be sold off and waited for up to the next result time before considering buying back.

The market has been up but seems without any basic reason for doing so. The liquidity is the major factor making advances possible and the same factor will work towards contracting it as soon as liquidity dries up in times ahead. Have your exposure to the minimal level and the item that show sudden jump should be sold off without thinking twice.

Hari Om

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